Tutorial Diskless Gacape or ISMPro Diskless Part 2

Install Core Server Gacape or ISMPro with USBboot
1. Create USB Boot to install Linux and Core Gacape
  •          Use Rufus tool . Run the Rufus.exe file. The interface of the rufus tool as shown below 
  •           Click the Browser button to select the path to the ISO file (Kernel Linux) and click Start
2. Install Core Server
  •           Select boot mode on the USB Stick containing the Linux Gacape installer. The boot interface of the Linux Gacape USB boot as shown below.
  •          Language settings: select en_US.UTF-8 | "English", Click "Ok" to set the default values ​​as shown below.
  •          Select disk of installation : If there are more than 1 drives then we have to choose the right drive to install. As a general process, we should install the first SSD is / dev / sda.  Press "Enter" to set the space for the data area.
  • Area of installation : To default value 8196 MB. This is the size of the partition containing the kernel Linux and Core of Gacape.  Press "Enter" to go to the Linux naming section.
  •           Linux server name: it is possible to default or rename to your liking, If you want to change the name then use the "Back" or "Delete" key to delete the name and reset, if keep the default name then continue to press "Enter" to the IP settings for the network card .
  •           IP Eth0: Enter the IP for the first network card, It is possible to use the IP address as the default or reset.
Within this tutorial, we will set the IP address of for the first network card and IP for the second network card, the next network card that can assign another IP subnet with these two network cards. For the network cards 2, 3, 4 ...
  •           Subnet Mask: Enter the subnet mask that corresponds to the IP assigned to the network card. Press "Enter" to enter the IP for Gateway, DNS ... press "Enter" and similar operation until the IP, DNS, Gateway for the network card.

  •        Gateway, DNS: Enter the appropriate value here, possibly by default. Completely assigning the IP to the network card will pass the password set to Linux.
  •          Put a password for Linux (Core Server) and press "Ok". The installation takes minutes to format the drive and unpack the system files to the partition. After the installation is complete, it automatically resets and runs to Linux at the login screen as follows:
 Here Linux and Core installation for Gacape is complete.  If you want to watch video installation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aaztb-CVlhU

to be continued …

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